Walk of honor

When a family makes the decision for their deceased loved one's organs to be donated, many times the hospital staff will line the hallways from the Intensive Care Room to the Operating Room to show respect for the loved one.  For Lucas, over 250 friends, family, and hospital personnel came to honor his as Lucas was taken from room 915 of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit of the Legacy Tower to the Operating Room awaiting him.

On May 25, 2019 at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, Texas four lives were changed forever.
Lucas's heart was transplanted into a 5-month-old male.
Lucas's liver was transplanted into a 3-year-old female.
Lucas's right kidney was transplanted into a 27-year-old female.
Lucas's left kidney was transplanted into a 53-year-old female.

We left with a deep gaping hole in our hearts but were grateful for the lives that would be saved.
Lucas will continue to live on in others.

If you or a family member recieved one of Lucas's organs and would like to meet his family, please feel free to contact us:
713.367.8623 or 713.478.1363.

Donor Rememberance Day is April 30th.


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